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What is Season Ticket Holders?

What are Season Ticket Groups, Ticket Locations, and Listings?

How can I access video tutorials?

What is a partner?

How can potential partneras ask questions?

How can I find potential partners?

How do I get paid for my Season Tickets?

Can I select the games I list for sale?

Can I set my own price for tickets?

How does my listing get verified?

How long does it take for a listing to be verified?

Where can potential partners find my listings?

What does it mean to assign games to partners?

How do I assign games to myself/partners?

Is there a fee to create a listing?

How can I change the price of the Season Tickets in my listing?

Is there a minum number of games I can sell?

How can I advertise my listing?

What if a partner does not pay for their tickets?

Can I download data about my listings from Season Tickets?

Can I download data about my listings from Season Tickets?

What is an Online Draft?

Can I pause/cancel the draft after it starts?

Do I have to include all games in an Online Draft?

Are online drafts optional?

What are draft rankings?

Can I pre-rank games prior to the draft?

Can partners AutoDraft when participating in an Online Draft?

How do I set the draft order?

Do all partners need to be present for an online draft?

Can I have multiple drafts?

Can I start my draft over?

Can I make changes to an online draft once it has begun?

Do drafts have a time limit?

Can an Admin pick on behalf of an absent partner?

How can an uneven split of games amongst partners be best handled?

How do I add games to my online draft?

Can I make the names of partners within a draft visible to other partners?

Can I customize how many tickets can be taken with each pick in an online draft?

Can I set a time limit for partners to make their pick?

How can I select tickets on behalf of a partner during an online draft?

Can I undo a pick during the draft?

How can I assign a price to tickets added to my Season Ticket Group?

Can I manually edit games picked by partners after an online draft

How do I search for available listings?

What is the service fee? What is the minimum and the maximum that I may be charged to buy tickets?

Do Season Ticket Holders pay any fees to use this service?

How can I make an offer?

Can I contact a Season Ticket Holder directly?

How do I receive my Season Tickets?

How do I pay for my Season Tickets?

What are my payment options?

Why haven't I heard anything back about my offer?

What happens after I complete an Agreement?

If I become a partner, will I have access to the pre-sale or post season tickets?

Where do I sign up?

How can I reset my password?

How do I change my account's email or password?

Why am I not receving emails from Season Ticket Holders?

Can I add multiple partners to a group?

How many partners can I have?

Can I remove partners from a group?

Can I change a partner's email address?

Can I add partners at any time?

How can I find the dollar total for Season Tickets assigned to me or a partner?

How can I assign/edit the prices for my Season Tickets?

Can I change the status/assignee/price of all Season Tickets at once?